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“WordPress” is a web content management system that comes with hundreds of free templates or themes and plugins to enhance a website. WordPress is freely available to the public to download from the website. Premium themes and plugins are also available for purchase.


Lets you setup a free website using the domain for example: “”. This free service comes with a 3gig storage space, they display third party ads on your free website and with some limitations on theme customisations and plugins. You cannot rewrite the PHP code to enhance the theme or modify a plugin behind

With you don’t have to worry about keeping a WordPress site updated, or worry about web hosting security and backups. will host your free website and manage all that for you so that you can focus on publishing your contents. You can upgrade to have your won domain name and pay to add more space to a free hosted website

With you download the WordPress code and install it on your own web server or a web hosting company. You have no restrictions, you can use your favorite theme or develop your own theme, no third-party ads, you can modify the core PHP(not recommended), install your own favorite plugins or buy Premium plugins and themes.

What is a self-hosted WordPress site? On a self-hosted WordPress site you are in control of your site and data. A self-hosted WordPress site let’s you install custom plugins, analytic’s and plugins to track visitors.
You can upload additional themes and modify custom themes to enhance your website.

…you have complete control over your code, so you can implement any theme, modify it entirely, or create your own. You can add any plugin you want, and then hack the code. The application’s code is completely open, allowing you total access to modify, tweak, or explore what you want.

Supercharge your self-hosted site with a suite of the most powerful features with the following Jetpack team favorites.

  • Custom CSS
    Customize the look of your site, without modifying your theme.
  • Single Sign On
    Let users log in through with one click.
  • Stats
    Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on your server.

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